LACSI Associate Director and Outreach Coordinator

Basic Information

290 South Hull Street

Paul David Duncan has a BA from the University of Iowa and an MS in forestry/certificate in agroforestry from the University of Florida. He has carried out community forestry/natural resource conservation projects in Guatemala as a Peace Corps volunteer (1987-90) and in the Dominican Republic as project manager for the Center for Marine Conservation (1997-98). He twice served as technical trainer of forestry Peace Corps Volunteers for World Learning, Inc. (Guatemala 1996, 1998).

From 1999 to 2002 Duncan administered the NIH-funded Maya International Cooperative Biodiversity Group (Maya ICBG) project at the University of Georgia. The Maya ICBG, a biodiversity conservation and drug discovery project carried out with the highland Maya of Chiapas.

From 2002 to present, Mr. Duncan has served as assistant and now associate director of the UGA Latin American & Caribbean Studies Institute (LACSI).  He also supervises curation of LACSI’s Latin American Ethnobotanical Garden.Duncan coordinates all LACSI programmatic activities and with the director manages the new undergraduate major in Latin American & Caribbean Studies. Duncan organizes and facilitates annual public school teacher workshops to strengthen Latin American Studies curriculum for middle and high schools and to create school gardens/outdoor learning environments. As public service faculty at UGA, Duncan also develops and supervises all community service and outreach programming carried out by LACSI.